Human Body is a temple,every human has to maintain its purity, purity can be maintained only by spending sometime of our life on it. Purity of body and mind. God has given us the body free of charge,maintenance is to be done by us. From 1440 minutes of the day you just have to give 20 to 30 Minutes to the body,to practice Yoga. Yoga does not have any relation to  any religion. It has relation to human body and mind. I request all human body holders to maintain their body through practicing Yoga.

It has same benefits to all human body irrelavant to any relegion ,even to gender. You can give any name to Yoga or its Aasanaas as you like it but practice it.

In this section I am writing my collections, which I have collected for my personal use, not thought that I will ever publish it, but, got the chance,so I am giving this for benefit of public as a whole. I will be pleased that anybody can get Physical benefit from this information. I myself is practicing Yoga, since 1970, I never have visited any Hospital for any ailment in my whole life. Today, I am 65years , without any diseases, working hactic life for 10hrs.a day. YOUR THOUGHT MAKES YOU OLD, SO DO NOT THINK THAT YOU ARE OLD, KEEPON WORKING AS IF ,YOU ARE YOUNG.




Translation of above Pictures : 

  1. Gyan Mudra ( Mudra of Knowledge)  : To control Anger, to strengthen Remembering power, no sleep, or more sleepyness, Control Depression.
  2. Apan Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart) : To control heart beats – higher or lower, Heart Attecks.
  3. Sunya Mudra ( Mudra of Emptiness) : For Ear Pain, and other ear problems.
  4. Vayu Mudra ( Mudra of Air) : Stiffness in Joints, Paralysis,Hysteria etc.
  5. Pran Mudra ( Life Gesture ) : Reduces Eye site Problems, Specs number will be reduced. Body remains without any Disease.
  6. Surya Mudra ( Sun Mudra ) : Remove excess fats from body.                                                                                                       Do it 3 to 4 Minutes Every Day.                                                                             ***********************************************************************************************                                                                        Pre workout Yoga Poses

Following are Vedios of Yoga Aasana for different Ailments.


2.Kidney Trouble

3.Heart Problems

4.Breast Cancer

1. Diabetes :

2. Kidney Troubles :

3. Heart Trouble :

4.Breast Cancer:


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